Discs Etc.

Don’t have a fast or reliable internet connection?
 We can mail video files on DVD-R data discs or USB “thumb” drive.  Free shipping on orders over $30 shipped within the US.  Extra charge for thumb drives on small orders.

Prefer to watch Punk Barbershop on your DVD player?
We can put any videos of your choice on a DVD-R disc which can be played in most DVD players.  Please send an e-mail and mention the video #s you want. Please note: videos 1-20 are not suitable for DVD discs.  A small fee is added to cover the time involved with DVD authoring.

Need to pay by check or money order?
Please contact us by e-mail to get mailing address.

Please include the following details with your inquiry:

  • Name & Mailing Address
  • If you will be paying by PayPal, please give your PayPal registered e-mail address and we’ll send an invoice.
  • Which Videos you want (the #s please)
  • If you want a DVD, should we author the disc for vintage TV (4:3) or wide (16:9) screen?
  • Data disc/Tumb drive: We prefer DVD-R discs for small orders, thumb drives for larger orders.  If you have a preference, please indicate.

We will reply with pricing and other information.

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